NEW SERIES starts Sunday!


People, I am over-the-top excited about this new series, “24/7: The Rhythm of Life.” It’s all about “finding balance in the busy.” In this series, the Holy Spirit is going to begin leading you on a lifelong journey of finding balance in every area of life. 

Life is a dance. Find your rhythm.  

On Sunday, we will open up with a quick look at how easy life gets OUT of balance. Then, we will go all the way back to the beginning and look at how God created the world to move in a rhythm, to spin in balance, to dance with joy and peace. God created the world by forming “cosmos” out of “chaos”—order out of disorder. And THAT’S what he plans to help you do—bring “cosmos” out of “chaos.”  

Once we’ve “set the table” a bit, the main course will be an in-depth look at how God formed the world in a “24/7” pattern and how YOU can develop habits that will flow with the God-given rhythms of life. People, you are gonna learn how to dance! Metaphorically, at least.  

(By the way, this series will be the basis for the new Groups material that we will study for the Fall semester.)

Ready to find your rhythm? Make plans to be there Sunday. And bring a friend. You know someone who needs a little more balance in life, don’t you? Tell them about the new series and bring them with you.  

See you Sunday!  

STEVE PIXLER | Lead Pastor | Freedom Life Church |