Freedom Life Church meets every Sunday from 10:30-11:30am.


Asa Low Intermediate School

1526 N. Walnut Creek Dr
Mansfield, TX 76063


Asa Low Intermediate School is super easy to find. Here are a few things to know before you arrive: 

The address, 1526 N. Walnut Creek Dr., has five MISD buildings on location:

  1. Brooks Wester Middle School
  2. Willie Pigg Auditorium
  3. STEM Academy
  4. MISD Police Offices
  5. Asa Low Intermediate School (this is where we meet!) 

When you arrive at 1526 N. Walnut Creek Dr., enter at the drive between Willie Pigg Auditorium and Clayton Chandler Park. You will see the Freedom Life signs and banners lining the entrance. Follow the winding drive up the hill to an amazing experience at Freedom Life Church! 

See the image below for an easy overview of the location.

Asa Low Closeup Map.png





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